Selfie Cam


A mobile app product from Alphapod

What We Did

iOS mobile app, UX Design


Selfie Cam provides the solution for a simpler, quicker way to take a selfie with its more user friendly interface. This enables users to easily navigate through the settings they need using their thumb.

With its smile detection feature, users are able to take selfies with just a smile, no need for pressing buttons. Selfie Cam has been featured in the App Store in over a 100 countries in March 2014 and also in high profile tech sites like Engadget, Slash Gear, The Next Web and Gizmodo.

Till date, it has surpassed a number of 700 thousand downloads from the App Store.

Check out the app in the App Store here.

Selfie Cam offers a unique selfie experience with its selfie-focused interface and its library of cute and whimsical stickers.