Jordan Yeoh Fitness Timer, Fitsifu


A mobile app product from Alphapod

What We Did

iOS & Android mobile app, UX Design, Backend Integration


The Jordan Yeoh Fitness Timer, Fitsifu is an interval training mobile app that features a variation of exercise interval timer presets to keep your exercise sessions efficient and focused.

We’ve collaborated with Malaysian local fitness celebrity Jordan Yeoh to put together the most efficient workout timings for the app. The app is perfect for training styles like HiiT, Tabata, CrossFit WODs (workout of the day), Callisthenics, Cardio, and any other interval exercises out there.

The Jordan Yeoh Fitness Timer, Fitsifu is available on both the App Store and Play Store now.

An easy to use interface provides for clear and simple interactions allowing users to focus more on their workout.

The app features a wide array of customisable options for users to adjust to fit any type of fitness workout they want.