We are looking for a UX designer who is passionate about human-centered design and usability. If you feel you are smoking with aesthetic goodness and you are someone who loves bringing an exciting memorable experience through UI design, drop us an email below!


  • Design beautiful and engaging user interfaces for the next generation of iOS/Android mobile apps.
  • Plan user journeys and information architecture, turn strategic goals and project requirements into design concepts and remarkable user experiences.
  • Work closely with other designers and developers to turn designs into finished mobile apps and Web platforms.


  • Zen-like proficiency in Sketch, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3.
  • Strong visual design skills, including an eye for good typography, composition and use of colour.
  • Extremely detail oriented. Strives for pixel perfection at all times.
  • Good knowledge of current digital design trends and techniques.
  • Possess a good balance of creative flair and business acumen.
  • Exceptional communication skills as well as people management skills.

For extra brownie points

  • Experience in PHP, jQuery, LESS, SASS and front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap.

Please send in your resume to hello@alphapod.com together with links to sample of your current work.
You are also required to present your work together with source code/working files during the interview and required to go through an evaluation exercise.