As a full stack web developer you would be involved in the front end design of projects as well as on the server side of things.


  • Developing autonomous web app in PHP5 and MySQL.
  • Developing front end using HTML, CSS, JS.
  • Converting business requirement into user stories.
  • Working closely with a team that consists of product owners and designers.
  • Doing pre-production before embarking on your development journey which includes, technical design (technical design, not UI) , strategy, understanding each every imagined pixel based on prototypes, user stories and the project schedule.
  • Will be working with client’s project or internal products.
  • Will be required to integrate across various 3rd party system.
  • Require to provide code documentation according to standards.
  • To share your learning experiences with the team.

Relevant Experience

  • Experience in developing strong web application.
  • Experience in designing & implementing solution to complex business problems.
  • Developing complex & scalable web applications according to business needs.
  • Experience in implementing search indexing, cache & CDN services.
  • Familiar with Bootstrap and other commonly used frameworks for web.
  • Familiar in designing API for mobile and catering for future needs.
  • Experience with deploying in terminal via source control.


  • You can survive writing a block of code without heading to
  • Desire to be hungry for knowledge and what to improve
  • You will be tested on your programming knowledge at each interview and trust me, the answer is not on the internet.
  • Fresh graduates are most welcome to apply, we love fresh meat in the office.
  • Malaysians only. Sorry foreigners, we’d like to hire you but Malaysian immigration is pain to deal with.

Brownie Points

  • Experience with Heroku and AWS
  • Experience in Laravel 4.x/5.x, Blade templates & Composer
  • Experience using Mercurial
  • Familiar with SCRUM methodology
  • Experience in implementing payment gateway (Braintree, iPay88, etc)

Please send in your resume to together with links to the app you have created, GitHub projects or website of your current work. You are also required to present your work together with source code during the interview and required to go through a programming evaluation exercise.